Dear TOGKF members and supporters,

First and foremost, Higaonna Sensei would like to thank all members who have joined his new Federation. The overwhelming support shown to him during a difficult period has given him renewed vigor and has only reinforced his view that what he did was for the right reasons. Unfortunately, due to a continuation of false rumors and attacks on members that have supported him through this period, he has felt the need to put the record straight. Following is a message from Sensei outlining why he withdrew from the IOGKF.

Higaonna Sensei would like to thank our members on Social Media for their passion and loyalty, but he would also ask that we remember that the vast majority of the IOGKF membership are innocent parties in this, and that they are to be treated with the respect that they deserve as fellow Karate-ka.

The letter is provided below as images and here as a single PDF.

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